Celebrity Trainers

Here at Digi-DNA we take health and fitness as seriously as you do.  Diet, nutrition, fitness and exercise are all critical for a healthy lifestyle. Without a healthy balance in these areas an invaluable tool like the Digi-Wear tech shirt will be of little long term help. Like you we're not happy with just exercising. The harder we train the better we feel and perform in all areas of our lives. Thats why professional athletes like Patrick Sapp will tell you about the importance of working with a personal trainer. Personal Trainers help you monitor your progress, teach you perfect form, new exercises and regimens to help you constantly beat your fitness goals. Elite trainers are also highly knowledgeable about the latest in health nutrition and can help you design a diet that is best for your individual needs and that compliments your fitness goals

For over 10 yrs we've been working with some of the best personal trainers available in health conscious California. We've hand picked the best of the best to work with us on our smart apparel line. They are training with the Digi-Wear Tech Shirt, providing critical design and reporting feedback as well as new ideas for future generations of the shirt and coming products. Our recommended trainers are truly elite. Because of their diverse training backgrounds, certifications and knowledge they all work with everyone from celebrities to triathletes and professional body builders. We feel they are an invaluable resource and hope you learn as much from them as we do.